Mike Joseph Jewellery

Born in Armenia to a family of jewellers, Mike Saatji has spent over 22 years honing his expertise In jewellery making.

At a young age, Mike fell under the spell of sparkling diamonds and was captivated by the power of magnetism. He begun to study and practise the art of setting diamonds and gem coloured stones into precious metal. To this end he embarked on a apprenticeship for few years- in multiple cities and various masters- where he “ filled his hand” with skills and acquired a vast amount of formative knowledge.

In 2000 Mike opened his own manufactory, through tireless work, creative approach and unconventional vision of the aesthetic, Mike Jewellery business grew exceptionally.

In 2015 Mike won the first prize in the gold jewellery below $20.000 category at couture design awards competition. This award with his previous accomplishments served as a springboard for the creation of fine jewellery brand “Mike Joseph”.