Emerald Engraved Manifestation Necklace

Emerald Engraved Manifestation Necklace

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Inspired by the four cardinal directions - North, South, East, & West. This timeless symbol offers a steady vibration of positive energy. This piece is based on a geometric design intended as an aid for meditation and increased awareness. A dot or "Bindu" in the center symbolizes intense concentration. The Square is a symbolic representation of the element Earth. The starting from the center point to the outer Square represents the sense of the universal evolution.

A Shri Yantra ( also called Sri Yantra)  is a diagram formed by nine interlocking triangles that surround and radiate out from the central point. It symbolizes divine sacred feminine and is one of the most powerful marks in tantric tradition. The Shri Yantra is very auspicious for a woman. Wear a Shri Yantra to increase attunement to the sacred feminine and energy of the goddess; a strong spine and a soft heart.

Product Description:

      • 18k Yellow Gold
      • 0.67 ct baguette cut Emeralds 
      • 20" chain 
      • Pendant Width: 0.85"
      • This piece is one of a kind