How To Layer Necklaces

by Cece Baggott

Layering necklaces not only looks beautiful, but also it can elevate your outfit. It’s a fun way to try new jewelry and keep your old pieces fresh. Layered necklaces can even showcase your unique style and taste. However, there is a certain art behind the technique. You want to show off your neckline without overdoing it or making the jewelry appear gaudy. Read our tips on how to layer necklaces to create the perfect neckline stack.

The Basics of Necklace Layering

Layering necklaces isn’t a trend, it’s a classic look that’s loved by many jewelry enthusiasts. What’s more, it’s a great way to make the most of the necklaces that are stored in your jewelry box. Keep these helpful tips in mind as you build your layered necklace look.

1. Select Different Chain Lengths

The first step to creating your neckline stack is to select the right chain lengths. Having different lengths allows you to get that beautiful cascade of layers. If you pick pieces with a similar length, your necklaces can bunch together and look unflattering.

Wondering how to layer chains by length? A good place to start is by considering the neckline of your blouse or dress. For example, low-cut apparel, such as V-neck shirts, pair well with a variety of chain lengths, such as 14 inches, 16 inches, 18 inches, and 20 inches. You can even layer a lariat necklace as the longest chain.

On the other hand, a choker and short chain necklaces can look great with blouses or dresses that sit higher on the chest. You can even invest in chains with adjustable lengths to make layering necklaces more convenient. Whatever outfit you choose, avoid wearing one short necklace and one long one, as it lacks cohesion.

2. Mix Different Chain Types

To add more interest and personality to your necklace stack, consider adding thinner and thicker chains. This provides contrasting textures and can even help reduce necklace tangles.

Wondering how to style layered necklaces with different chain styles? For example, you can wear a choker with a thick chain and layer it with longer, thinner chains. You can even add more interest by including a coin necklace or lariat necklace. The latter adds dimension to the look without overdoing it.

3. Choose a Centerpiece

Spice up your look with a pretty necklace that hangs in the middle of your stack. This can add more interest to the look and even complement the other pieces. Wondering how to stack necklaces with a centerpiece? If so, considering opting for statement necklaces such as pendants as well as necklaces with a pearl or large coin. A circle necklace can even be center stage between a choker and a lariat necklace.

4. Combine Metals

If you’re a necklace-stacking newbie, you might want to stick with layering necklaces with the same metal. You can choose either all silver or gold to keep the look simple, yet beautiful. However, you can also play with the color of your neckline stack. Wondering how to layer necklaces with different metals? For example, you can combine yellow and rose gold necklaces. To bring more balance to the look, you can mix metals with your rings and earrings, too.

Layering necklaces doesn’t have to be complicated if you keep these helpful tips in mind. Remember to have fun with it and create a neckline stack that shows off your personality and style! If you’re looking for the right jewelry to create your layered look, The Vault Nantucket carries a wide range of products from famous designers. These include necklaces as well as rings, bracelets, and earrings.

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