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Katherine Jetter is transforming the way we experience rare gems and couture jewelry. Step inside The Vault to explore her hand-picked portfolio of rarities.

Delve into the earth's rarest wonders.

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“The Vault is my favorite store on Nantucket. It feels like I've entered a jewel box filled with beautiful and interesting pieces I don't see anywhere else. Katherine has curated the best from up-and-coming designers, as well as established ones, and she enjoys showing me all the exquisite jewelry as much as I enjoy trying it on!  With her guidance and insight, Katherine has helped me find many unique pieces that I will wear and treasure forever.”

Susan Nelson
Vault Customer

“Whether it’s one of Katherine’s own designs or a designer from her curated selection, I’ve been in love with everything I’ve invested in with Katherine’s guidance. I always feel chic when I wear my Vault treasures and you can never feel too chic.”

Victoria McManus
Vault Customer

“Katherine and The Vault have many things in common, like their beauty, brilliance, quality, and uniqueness. I've had the pleasure of owning several of Katherine’s gems and I always enjoy shopping the beautiful designers and pieces. The Vault is the grown woman’s version of a Candy Store! You can always find something to love, whatever your taste and style may be.”

Penny Bradley
Vault Customer