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Yes, all of our shipments are insured in the event of loss or damage. Charges apply at checkout and are based on the total value of the purchase. You will receive a shipping confirmation and tracking number via email once your order is shipped.

The idea of shipping high-value jewelry can seem daunting at first, so let us help guide you through it!  Here’s the scoop:

• We use UPS and FedEx to ship the jewelry back and forth quickly and securely. 

• We typically ship with overnight service with a signature requirement.   

• We are also a phone call away if you'd have any questions or concerns. 

Yes, we do accept unworn merchandise with tags within 7 days of delivery. Your card will be refunded the purchase price minus the shipping cost. Please contact us at info@katherinejetter.com to initiate the return and we will send you an insured return label.

Protect jewelry in transit by packing in something soft.

Print and review the provided prepaid FedEx label and securely stick it on the packages.

Put the merchandise inside a FedEx padded pouch, then insert it into a FedEx Small box.
(FedEx Office provides free boxes!  UPS does not, unfortunately.) 

Please ensure that the box closure is well-sealed with lots of pressure.

Bring the package to a FedEx Retail Location that is staffed with FedEx employees only.

Be sure to get the package scanned at FEDEX, obtain a printed receipt, and hold onto it.

Be sure to ask for a receipt and hold onto it.

Do not show or tell FedEx the content or value of the package.  

Insurance will be voided in the event a package is left overnight after the Express pick-up is done for the day.

Insurance will also be voided if the package is left in a dropbox or with a non-FedEx "Authorized Shipper.".  

In most cases, we can size a ring up or down by a whole size, but this varies by designer. Please send us an e-mail at info@katherinejetter.com and we can give you a more definitive answer. Anything more than a full size usually requires a custom order.

The Vault Nantucket is a fine jewelry boutique that carries jewelry made of delicate metals and precious stones, so here’s how to show your jewelry some love!

Always take off your jewelry before showering, exercising, putting on lotions or perfumes, or while cleaning. 

When not wearing a necklace, please lay flat on a soft cloth or hang it in a proper jewelry box to avoid scratching or tangling. 

To clean your jewelry with fine gemstones such as diamonds, use a soft toothbrush with dish soap and gently clean the metal and stones.

For specific questions in regards to cleaning jewelry, please send us an e-mail.

Here’s KJs secret for sparkling your diamonds up at home. 

First: Don’t forget to plug the sink!

Take a soft toothbrush and liquid soap, and give your diamonds a good scrub. Go deep on eternity bands and all the crevices! 

Rinse off and place on a hand towel.

While holding the diamonds down with the towel, apply your hairdryer on high heat up close to the diamonds to dry off the water and give them a high sparkle again.

Voila! They’ll be good as new and it’s so easy to do.

Email us at info@katherinejetter.com, call 508-825-6122, and find us on Instagram at thevaultnantucket.