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SAVED NY is a line of sustainable, fair trade soft goods created by Sean McNanney. A former designer for Ralph Lauren Home, Sean works with Mongolian herders and artisans to create cozy and giftable cashmere designs that blend traditional crafts with modern luxury. KJ

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    Add some style to your home with SAVED NY. This home décor brand designs and crafts cashmere pillows and blankets using sustainable materials such as Mongolian cashmere, yak down, and camel hair. Artist, designer, and founder Sean McNanney takes inspiration from the traditions of Mongolian nomadic culture. He also works with the people of this culture, including artisans and herders. McNanney puts great emphasis on following fair trade practices, and each stunning piece is handcrafted.

    Adorning your home with the luxury of cashmere is a great way to add comfort. This material is lighter and stronger than others, making it one of the most luxurious and expensive natural textiles. The shape, size, and texture of these cashmere pillows can help elevate your home. You can add them to living room seating, a bed, or a hallway bench. These pieces can bring out the design features and/or colors in a space.

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    The Vault Nantucket carries a beautiful selection of accent pillows from SAVED NY. In fact, we are your one-stop shop for high-end home décor pieces, jewelry, and apparel. We carry collections from some of the world’s most passionate designers and are proud to offer high-quality products to our customers.

    These cashmere pillows feature sketches from artists such as Marin Montagut and Fee Greening. Designs include a moon, lightning bolt, diamond, pearl, and more. Best of all, many selections are in stock and ready to ship.

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