Feral by Susan Oster

Untamed Beauty
Feral by Susan Oster

Feral, a collection celebrating nature in new ways, designed by Susan Oster. It incorporates animals and natural life as it truly is. Feral is not for everyone, and it was not intended to be. Each piece has a sense of feminine power imbued in each design; designed to be bit fierce, a little on the wild side. 

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    Badass wildlife lover Susan Oster rides horses bareback in the wild and she looks like she stepped out of a safari-inspired Ralph Lauren ad. And her jewelry is as striking and powerful as she is, using naturally-shed mammoth bone and deer antler to create unconventional jewelry for the modern woman. K.J.

    After working in interior design for many years, Susan Oster began dabbling in jewelry. Her love of animals and nature inspired her to create Feral jewelry in 2016 — a line that exemplifies the natural world. Feral jewelry explores what it means to be glamorous yet untamed. In other words, her collection celebrates nature in new ways. It’s perfect for those who view the natural world as sacred, as well as those who see beauty in the unexpected.

    Oster’s pieces are bold, daring and a little on the wild side. Each handmade piece is crafted in the U.S. and brings a unique edge to the fine jewelry industry. In fact, the jewelry embraces the physical characteristics of animal forms. These includes thorns, spikes, mammoth bone, deer antler and boar teeth. However, Oster uses eco-conscious materials in her designs, such as naturally shed bones, and gives them new life. These materials also give her brand character and help it stand out from other designers.

    These stunning pieces can be layered to create a signature look. Moreover, they emanate a sense of feminine power and are all about self-expression.

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