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Sydney Evan is an influential collection that blends the best of fashion and fine jewelry. The iconic 'love' script necklace has had a major influence on jewelry design, combining this emotional expression with a timeless aesthetic. - KJ

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    If you’re seeking jewelry with a laid-back California-chic design aesthetic, look no further than Sydney Evan. This brand began in 2001 when designer Rosanne Karmes crafted a single pave diamond horseshoe necklace that later evolved into a full line of personal ornaments. Sydney Evan jewelry is known for incorporating concepts of spirituality, sentiment, and personal expression. The brand is also named after the designer’s father as well as her two children Sydney and Evan.

    Sydney Evan is one of the world’s most coveted jewelry collections. Many pieces are crafted with 14K gold as well as precious and semiprecious stones. They can also be layered to elevate your look. When shopping Sydney Evan jewelry, you can expect to find a wide range of opulent jewelry. This includes diamond-studded bangles, pave diamond cocktail rings, evil eye pendant necklaces, diamond-accented love rings, signature beaded bracelets with hamsa hand or evil eyes, and more.

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