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KJ's Guide to Layering Your Necklaces

Katherine Jetter shares her jewelry wardrobe building strategies for everyday layering necklaces.

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Floating Diamond Necklace

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Neck mess, arm party, earscape—it's all about the jewlery stack these days!

The layered necklace look may seem effortless, but there is actually quite a bit of strategy required to get it just right. Like a sparkly game of Tetris, the perfect layered look is all about combining the right pieces in the right places, which starts with strategic shopping.

We want to choose necklaces that balance and compliment eachother. In addition to length, we want to consider metal color, width and weight.

I recommend anchoring your layered look by starting with a shorter necklace or choker, like the Floating Diamond Necklace from Graziela. It's completely adjustable, so you can make it longer or shorter to compliment your other pieces.

Katherine Jetter
Blue Sapphire Floating Heart Necklace
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Pavé Playing Card Larger Heart Charm Necklace
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