What Is A Bolo Bracelet?

by Straight North

If you’re looking for a new, trendy piece of jewelry to add to your collection, the bolo bracelet may be right for you. What is a bolo bracelet? This versatile piece is a bracelet with a pulley clasp that allows for adjustment. This clasp can be moved up or down and can easily fit on any wrist size, no matter if your wrist is small or large. These pieces come in a wide range of styles including diamond, three stone and symbolic bolo bracelets. What are bolo bracelets? Keep reading to learn more about this popular piece of jewelry.

What Does a Bolo Bracelet Mean?

Bolo bracelets are inspired by the bolo ties that were popular in 1940s western fashion. Cowboys used to wear them while riding horses to prevent their hats from flying away. Bolo neck ties with a sliding mechanism also became popular. Eventually, this style was adapted by jewelers and made into bolo bracelets.

These pieces originate from Native American culture and symbolize the bond of friendship between two individuals. The two pieces that hang from the bracelet and are secured with the clasp can represent each person. In other words, no matter the paths that are taken in life, friendship between two people can remain unbroken.

How Do You Use a Bolo Bracelet?

Bolo bracelets can be easily worn since they are adjustable. They feature a clasp or bead that allows the wearer to loosen or tighten the piece depending on the preferred fit and look. What is a bolo clasp? The clasp is the main design element of the bracelet. Both ends of the bracelet run through the clasp so that it can be adjusted to one’s wrist. To wear this accessory, first extend the clasp fully and place it around your wrist. With one finger, hold the bracelet and pull the clasp toward your wrist to secure it.

What is a bolo bracelet? It’s a bracelet that can be worn alone or stacked together to elevate your outfit. You can wear them casually or for a night out. They are available in various metal colors, including white, yellow and rose gold, as well as sterling silver. You can also purchase one with diamonds, other gemstones or symbols. For example, these pieces are available with cross, heart and infinity symbols.

Do Bolo Bracelets Break Easily?

No, bolo bracelets do not break easily since they can be secured to the wrist with a clasp. However, tugging too hard on the piece could break the chain.

Are Bolo Bracelets Popular?

Yes, these pieces have become popular in recent years. Unlike bangles and link bracelets, they are versatile and adjustable. What is a bolo style bracelet? Bolo bracelets are practical and aesthetically pleasing and can be worn by men and women. Their innovative design makes them comfortable to wear. They fit securely on the wrist, so the wearer does not have to worry about them falling off. 

Popular Bolo Bracelets<

Graziela is a popular designer and gemologist who is known for her beautiful, hand-designed bolo bracelets. Her jewelry line offers floating diamond, starburst and diamond bolo bracelets. The latter can be purchased in white, yellow or rose gold. These pieces are elegant and can be worn every day.

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