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As a curator, I love helping people develop a jewelry wardrobe they love, the same way I build my own wardrobe—with pieces that accessorize their outfits well, that also stand the test of time. I test drive each piece dozens of times, and I put a lot of thought into it. So when you see my initials, you’ll know these are the pieces that I personally own and love, and that they’re comfortable and wearable, with excellent craftsmanship and timeless style. That's what KJ Picks are all about.

- Katherine Jetter

KJ’s Top Picks
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Diamond Infinity Ring
Fringe Ring
Fernando Jorge
Acrobat Small Ring
Walters Faith
Clive Rose Gold Diamond Fluted Band Ring
Walters Faith
Morrell Diamond Elongated Oval Link Cuff Ring
Moritz Glik
Emerald Cut Emerald Ring
Moritz Glik
Esmeralda Shaker Ring
Moritz Glik
Ten Fourteen Ring
Diane Kordas
WOW! Ring
Melissa Kaye
Lola Pinky Ring (Neon Pink Enamel)
Moritz Glik
Maroto Cigar Band

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